Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hoops in love with Yoyo!

I discover Hoops is a girl because I enter to and Hoops appear in a e-card saying Yoyo : I love you , and her eyes turn into a heart... Hoops is in love with YOYO !
Awww , how cute..... The image is a pic. of the e-card ! LOVE LOVE LOVE !!


This blog is of Hoops only.
This is Hoops biography:
If you can't read it because is too small it say:

Name: Hoops
Occupation: making people laugh
Current residence: online, you know where!
Weight: that depends on finely-balanced equation of the times of the day and the amount of cakes consumed
Best Friend: Yoyo (and I'm not just saying that because he is next to me)
How I step in shape: by have dance off with Yoyo
Likes: coffee, doughnuts, laughing , cakes , ice-cream, pizza Tuesdays (at it's treat day) , birthday treats, (in fact any kind of treats , TREATS! (yep I sure like treats!!!!!!!!!!)
Dislikes: business meeting, corporate buzzwords, business meeting where people use corporate buzzwords, going to work , (unless you have a day off!)
Worst Habits: talking a LOT! (i'm just friendly an like to chat, what more I can say?
Tell us a secret: Yoyo cried at Mrs. Doubtfire!

I've had enough now... I'm off to search for treats..